Friday, August 3, 2012

Feelings Cafe

The "Feelings Cafe" is located on Chartres Street in New Orleans, Louisiana.  It is advertised to be one of the most romantic restaurants in New Orleans with a piano bar, beautiful courtyard and wonderful atmosphere.

My oldest son, Jason, asked me to paint this restaurant because it is a special place for he and his wife, Kristen.  Jason proposed to Kristen there.

When I went on my quest for a photograph of the building to paint from, I didn't do my homework and he forgot to mention to me it was the inside courtyard area he wanted.  Well,  you guessed it, I took pictures of the outside...oops.  That is where my artistic editing license came into play.  I went ahead and painted the outside and plan to return another day for photographs of the inside.

But....doesn't it look really romantic from the outside?

"Feelings Cafe"
(8 x 8 - oil on panel)


  1. What a cute story. I know they will love this painting. And now I have a new restaurant to take the hubby to.