Friday, May 31, 2013

Fantasy Poppies

I've been doing my take on poppies from my studio since I can't paint outdoors because it is so HOT here.  This is when I wish I were up north to enjoy the cooler temperatures of the summer.  I think my puppy, Lucy, would love it too.  She is so hot.

Also, I hurt my knee and that has put a huge hold on my treks to the woods, etc. for painting.  But I am optimistic that my doctors recommendation of physical therapy 3x a week will strengthen my knee.  He is taking a very conservative approach and that is fine with me.

"Orange Poppies"
8 x 20 - oils on linen
Note:  This is painted on a flat piece of linen and as soon as I am feeling better, this piece will be matted for sale.

"Yellow Poppies"
8 x 19 - oils on linen
Note:  This is painted on a flat piece of linen and as soon as I am feeling better, this piece will be matted for sale.

"Red-Orange Poppies"
24 x 25 - oils on canvas
Note:  This is painted on a flat piece of canvas and can be mounted for sale.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Puppy Puppy

I have a new puppy!  Her name is Lucy.  Lucy is a sweet little Minature Schnauzer who is 10 weeks old.  I've had pets most of my life but after loosing my last indoor cat, Teddy, I was so heartbroken and lonely.  My husband's work schedule takes him away a lot and during those times our home gets really really quiet.

We purchased Lucy from Cajunlands Miniature Schnauzers in Raceland, Louisiana a couple of weeks ago.  She is the sweetest puppy, very smart and very playful.  My days have been filled with Lucy, Lucy, Puppy, Puppy.  Need I say more.  I haven't exactly had time to paint but we are getting settled in.  I know it will get easier, but for now my total devotion has been to her.  She is very smart and a fast learner.

Lucy at 2 weeks old.

Lucy at 4 weeks.

Lucy at 8 weeks.  Her color is getting lighter.  She will probably be all salt and pepper like her mom.

8 weeks

Ten weeks......watching one of my outside cats, who she is desperately trying to make friends with, have breakfast.  They visit through the screen.

Sleeping after her morning walk.  She plays hard and sleeps even harder.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Plein Air Painting

Spring is such a wonderful time of the year, especially in Southern Louisiana and its the perfect time to get out and plein air paint because before long, summer temperatures in this area reach near 100 degrees on an average day.  My painting buddy, Denise Broussard, and I often sneak away from our daily lives and get together to discuss art and paint.  We usually get together at least once a week to plein air paint during the spring and fall.  During the months of February, March and April this year we have been painting the wooded area behind her house.  The area is in the middle of Lafayette and a special diamond in the rough not known to most people in this area.  The property slopes down to the Vermilion River with ponds abundant with cypress trees and truly envelopes you in Louisiana's beauty.   We've invited several artist friends to join us on these paint days and some have been able to make it so its been a very enjoyable time for us.

I've tried to concentrate on pushing my values since taking a recent Stapleton Kearns Workshop.  Stape's workshops are filled with so much information, I have so much I want to work on.  One of the treasures I learned from his is he uses a mix he calls Porn Star Pink.  I can't mix what he has exactly but I did try to mix something close to it.  The best I can describe it to you, until I have mastered the color is it's a yellow/orange/pink mixed with white that will give you those beautiful bright sunlight accents on tree trunks.  It truly makes a difference when building sunlight on those tree trunks.

I think my main accomplishment is that I have had a great time and I am enjoying the wonderful weather and great friendship.