Monday, June 25, 2012

Busy Week

I had a very busy week last week, didn't get enough painting done except to complete a couple of pieces, take photographs and post these additions to my New Orleans series (see previous posts, Shanghi Lil and New Orleans Street Kids).

But...I didn't say I was not productive.  My hubby and I made two day trips during the week, one to the Natchitoches/Shreveport area and the second to New Orleans.  I took many pictures (around 400 I think) and did get some good shots I can use.

Also...this past weekend I updated, revamped and re-organized my website.  Check it out, I would love to hear feedback from you... 

And...good news, I sold two more paintings (a couple of companion pieces (collage and oils) of hummingbirds that were posted on my daily paintworks site.  I love to paint and it makes me so happy and fulfilled when I am able to paint, but when they's very rewarding to know that someone else wants/likes them and they will be happily displayed in someone's home.

UPDATE:  I'm posting today a couple of paintings I previously blogged about in March I entered in the Lafayette Art Association "Trying a Triad" Juried Art Competition but didn't update to let you all know they were accepted and hung into the show.  The show is over now, so these are being displayed on my daily paintworks site.

"Pecking Order - 1"
(12 x 12 - original painting using collage and acrylics on gallery wrapped canvas)

"Pecking Order-2"

(12 x 12 - original painting using collage and acrylics on gallery wrapped canvas)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New Orleans - 6

Another face of New Orleans, this woman gets to her location, throws down her purse, kicks off her shoes and begins to play her unique instrument.  Hidden inside her purse is her pint of booze which she partakes in between songs.  Looking at her, one can tell she lives a hard life, but while she sings and plays, she hasn't a care in the world.  When I took this photo of her she was singing Shanghi Lil.

"Shanghi Lil"
(5 x 10 - oils on panel)

New Orleans - 5

I live about 2 hours from New Orleans which means I am able to make day trips there quite often to enjoy the local culture and/or to take pictures.  In the French Quarter one will find quaint little shops, musicians playing in the street, artists painting in some of the galleries and around Jackson Square together with lots of architecture.

Unfortunately as in any large city, there are the homeless and street people.  While there last year, I took pictures of a group of street kids with their dogs.  I left the faces off because I feel they fall into the abyss of lost, nameless kids of the street.

"New Orleans Street Kids"
(9 x 12 - oils on canvas panel)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Technology Setback

In today's day and time, computers are very much a part of our everyday lives.  I simply can't imagine life without one, although growing up they were not a part of my life.  I had the "short unhappy experience" this week of existing without one and I have to tell you I was lost.  Our internet service went down and after many hours with the help desk, field technicians and a supervisor,  I was notified that AT&T had a bad switch which would take more time to fix.  Without internet access for about a week,  I felt very disconnected from the world and very frustrated too.  I'm glad to say that I am now back online and a very happy camper.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Eye of the Beholder Competition

I recently entered the Lafayette Art Association Juried  annual "Eye of the Beholder" Competition (last year my entry received a 3rd place award).   This competition is a regional art show open to artists from Texas to Florida and will be on display from June 12 through August 19, 2012.  One of the Jurors this year is Amy Guidry, a nationally renowned artist now living in Lafayette, LA.  For this "Eye of the Beholder" competition each artist is allowed to submit 3 entries and up to 2 entries could be selected.  There were over 200 entries submitted this year and room for only around 70.  I almost didn't enter this year because I would not be able to make the reception in August....silly right.

I called today to find out results and 2 of my entries were accepted and were displayed on the "feature" wall which is an honor, I think, because our art association has some really great artists.

Below are my 2 entries that were accepted:

"Fire, Wind and Water"
(25 x 48 - oil on 2" canvas)

"Under the Sea"    
(25 x 48 - oil on 2" canvas)

And here they are hanging in the exhibit!

Last year's entry that won 3rd place was this "Untitled Diptych" below:

"Untitled Diptych"
(2-16 x 20 - oil on 2" canvas)

Friday, June 1, 2012

New Orleans - 4

Friends who share the same interests are very nurturing.  I enjoy connecting with my artist friends to critique and discuss art, paint together en plein air and/or in our studios, and take pictures to paint.  I went with a fellow artist, Linda Smith, CBC Photography, to New Orleans awhile back to take pictures, meandering up and down the French Quarter, mostly around Royal and Bourbon Streets.  She took some amazing pictures and generously extended to me that I could paint some of the photographs if I wanted.

New Orleans - 1
(8 x 8 - oil on canvas panel)

Artist Note: The photograph I painted from was black and white.  Using browns, mostly raw umber and white mixes I painted in the building, etc.   I added Transparent oxide red, yellow and brown to give the black and white effect some richness.  For the sky  I used veridian green + white for a little color contrast.