Wednesday, December 19, 2012


This painting began this weekend when the weather was raining outside.  I don't know why but when the weather is bad I love to paint sunflowers.  Sunflowers seem to make the mood not feel so dreary and call in the sunshine.  The lemons and tangerines are from the trees in my back yard which I combined with the sunflowers to make this still life setup.  The sweet little vase was given to me for Mother's Day by my children and the bowl I made in pottery class about 2 years ago.

I toned the canvas with black and turp then came in with my lighter browns.  I wanted the background to be kind of dark to make the yellows and oranges stand out.

22 x 22 - oils on loose canvas

This is painted on loose canvas and can be mounted or stretched for framing.

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  1. Lovely colors in this. The harmony is perfect. Sunflowers make me happy too.