Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Entries for 6 x 6 Fundraiser

Every year the Lafayette Art Association and Gallery has a fundraiser that is a lot of fun.  They ask area artists to paint something on a 6 x 6 gallery wrapped canvas.  Those completed canvases are placed on display until the night of the fundraiser.  Tickets go on sale the month of September until the night of the fundraiser.  The tickets are $45 each and for each ticket purchased you can take home a piece of artwork.  To purchase a ticket for this event, contact the Lafayette Art Gallery (337) 269-0363.

Each ticket has a number printed on it.  During the night, random ticket numbers are called.  When the number on your ticket is called, you can pick your painting.  So you look at the paintings and make a mental note of which ones you would like to have and hope someone else doesn't pick your favorite.  There is also a silent auction going on of 12 - 12 x 12 paintings.  It is a fun night!

Below are the paintings I have donated:

"Volkswagen Bus" 

"Volkswagen Beetle"

"Blue Cadillac"

"Model T"

"Old Red"

Below is a collage of all of the little paintings.  I think they are so colorful...makes me happy!

To see more of my art go to my website:  www.mariarandolph.com

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