Wednesday, June 24, 2015

S D Morgan Tug & Shrimp Boat

While out painting shrimp boats with friends one day in Intracoastal City, Louisiana, a tug boat showed up to move one of the shrimp boats out of its resting place and down the canal.  Shrimp season was closed and the owners of these massive boats were taking the opportunity to make repairs on their boats. Shrimp boats were tightly lined up on both sides of this canal, two abreast.

I was in awe watching that tug boat maneuver in and pull out this huge shrimp boat.  The water at the end of the canal where I was standing was shallow and churning as he moved this massive boat around and down the canal.

I took a few reference photos and painted this from my studio.

"Tug and Shrimp Boat"
12 x 12 - oils on gallery wrapped canvas

* This painting is for sale and can be purchased from my website

Thank you for your interest in my art...

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