Monday, February 6, 2012

Still Life Artwork

As promised, I am posting the completed artwork I have been working on. All of the paintings are in oils. I don't typically arrange still life setups to paint. I usually paint from a photo or from my mind/imagination. I can say I am pleased with the way these turned out.

This painting (11 x 14 - oils on canvas) was started at a friend's house and completed in my studio. Painting away from my studio was fun, but I neglected one crucial part of painting outside my home, my camera. By not taking any photo's I was forced to complete the painting from memory.

This painting (11 x 14 - oils on canvas) was setup and completed in my studio at home. I was able to leave the still life setup until completed.

This painting (12 x 12 - oils on canvas) was setup in my studio also, but I moved the setup to complete another project and had to finish it from memory. The picture does not do this painting justice. I love the old world feel of the background. The little vessel on the right is a gravy server I mad in pottery class and the lemons are from the tree in my back yard.

This painting (9 x 12 - oils on canvas board) is a plein air painting I did with a friend last week. We spent most of the day painting in her neighborhood. We had a great time and in the process met a few of the nice people in her neighborhood who stopped by to check out what we were doing.

This painting (11 x 14 - oils on canvas) is another mask painting I created, from a photo of a venetian mask. I've been painting a few masks lately and this is one in the series.

This painting (12 x 12 - oils on canvas) is another completed this week in my mask series.

Last week was a very productive one for me and had a great time painting. I have a busy week this week and hope I will be able to find time to complete a couple of more pieces I am working on.

One of the pieces I am very excited about is the third in my "flower girls" series. The first two in the series were "Susan" and "Daisy". These two paintings are posted on my website ( The next one will be "Lily", more to come....

Have a good one!

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