Friday, June 1, 2012

New Orleans - 4

Friends who share the same interests are very nurturing.  I enjoy connecting with my artist friends to critique and discuss art, paint together en plein air and/or in our studios, and take pictures to paint.  I went with a fellow artist, Linda Smith, CBC Photography, to New Orleans awhile back to take pictures, meandering up and down the French Quarter, mostly around Royal and Bourbon Streets.  She took some amazing pictures and generously extended to me that I could paint some of the photographs if I wanted.

New Orleans - 1
(8 x 8 - oil on canvas panel)

Artist Note: The photograph I painted from was black and white.  Using browns, mostly raw umber and white mixes I painted in the building, etc.   I added Transparent oxide red, yellow and brown to give the black and white effect some richness.  For the sky  I used veridian green + white for a little color contrast.

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  1. OH MY GOODNESS this is perfect , you did a fabulous job. We love this !!!!!