Monday, June 25, 2012

Busy Week

I had a very busy week last week, didn't get enough painting done except to complete a couple of pieces, take photographs and post these additions to my New Orleans series (see previous posts, Shanghi Lil and New Orleans Street Kids).

But...I didn't say I was not productive.  My hubby and I made two day trips during the week, one to the Natchitoches/Shreveport area and the second to New Orleans.  I took many pictures (around 400 I think) and did get some good shots I can use.

Also...this past weekend I updated, revamped and re-organized my website.  Check it out, I would love to hear feedback from you... 

And...good news, I sold two more paintings (a couple of companion pieces (collage and oils) of hummingbirds that were posted on my daily paintworks site.  I love to paint and it makes me so happy and fulfilled when I am able to paint, but when they's very rewarding to know that someone else wants/likes them and they will be happily displayed in someone's home.

UPDATE:  I'm posting today a couple of paintings I previously blogged about in March I entered in the Lafayette Art Association "Trying a Triad" Juried Art Competition but didn't update to let you all know they were accepted and hung into the show.  The show is over now, so these are being displayed on my daily paintworks site.

"Pecking Order - 1"
(12 x 12 - original painting using collage and acrylics on gallery wrapped canvas)

"Pecking Order-2"

(12 x 12 - original painting using collage and acrylics on gallery wrapped canvas)


  1. These are great - hope you do a series and not stop at 2.

    1. Thanks Julie...The contest was to use 3 colors or 3 shapes to create your art, so I decided to use circles, triangles and squares with a solid colored paper to make the birds then painted in the features of the birds with acrylics. It was fun. I haven't done any more but who knows...