Tuesday, July 3, 2012

808 Royal Street

New Orleans Series continued...

New Orleans is filled with such old and wonderful architecture!  I took pictures of quite a few doors while in New Orleans.  A doorway can be so mysterious, symbolizing the opportunity to make a difference in the world or a passage to a new life.  I often wonder while wandering through the French Quarter about the history behind some of these doors.

Also, when my son asked what street location some of these pictures were taken and I wasn't sure, he said "Mom, you need to document where these pictures are." So, here you go J this is for you, 808 Royal Street.   :)

"808 Royal Street"
(5 x 10 - original oil painting on panel board)

Artist Note:  I dirtied up the painting with Transparent Oxides (yellow, red and brown) to give the viewer the feel of looking at an old door.

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