Friday, November 16, 2012

Plein Air Painting Downtown Lafayette

Every Wednesday I spend the day with a friend and fellow artist, Denise Broussard, plein air painting.  We designate a location for the month and paint that area.  Our designated spot for the month of November is Downtown Lafayette.

Our painting in the downtown area has been a wonderful experience and we've received such positive feedback and comments from passers by who stopped to check out what we were doing.  Our hope is that we will encourage other artists to come out and paint with us.

This photo was taken by someone from The Daily Advertister and is in today's edition of the local newspaper.  

 I will be posting my finished painting soon so stay tuned for updates....


  1. Yup! That"s us! I looking forward to others joining us. Too much fun not to share.

  2. Congratulations to you and Denise!
    I always love seeing artists painting plein air and wish I had more time to join our groups outings here. Your painting looks like a good match of the view. We still have leaves on the trees here too, but one good windy day will take most of them away.