Friday, February 1, 2013

Looking Back at 30 Day Challenge

Here is a collage of all of the 30 Day Challenge paintings!  

All of these paintings are for sale and can be purchased on this blog, on my Daily Paintworks Gallery or by contacting me.

Thoughts on My Challenge Experience:

The restriction I gave myself in this challenge was to paint Still Life Paintings only from real life and all on size 6 x 6.

I often have problems choosing props and ideas for my still life setups. Painting from real life is really better because you can see up close what is really going on instead of what a camera thinks it is.  I know that we can not always paint from real life, but it is really so much better this way.

Having to produce a painting daily put pressure on me but as I went along my creativity flowed and I painted faster and with more confidence.  I tried to remind myself daily that I wanted to concentrate on some basics, value, brush strokes and color.

I chose the 6 x 6 size because I felt these would be easier to complete every day, but that wasn't always to case.  I don't particularly like painting this small, but the impact of all of them together is very beautiful.  They really do make a nice small gift and would look nice with a few grouped and hung together or alone in a small spot where you need a little something.  Another great option is a smaller piece can be placed on an easel and tucked in on a shelf or some other area.

Things I am grateful for:
  • Leslie Saeta for initiating this challenge and getting everyone involved.  
  • My Friends for the wonderful comments and encouragement.
  • Other participating Artists for the support and experiences exchanged.
  • My Husband for standing behind me and encouraging me.

As I return to my studio, my plans are to paint larger taking with me what I learned from this challenge.


  1. I saw your painting collage on Leslie's blog, and the warmth of your palette really caught my eye, so I came over to say hello. It's fun seeing all the paintings in one place in those collages, isn't it? Congratulations on your Chalenge, looks like you did really well.