Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bay Shrimp Boats

Today was another beautiful weather day of painting shrimp boats with my painting buddy, Denise Broussard, and our two Schnauzers, Lucy and Olive.  We headed out to Intracoastal City, LA.  After picking a spot at a local marina, we setup and began painting.

Our puppies love our painting excursions because they get to hang out and play all day.

People love to visit and tell us about their boats, stories and what they do. One man stopped to give us some history about the different bay shrimp boats we were painting today at the Marina. He makes shrimp nets by hand.  We visited for awhile while he told me a few shrimp fishing stories.  The boats we have previously painted are offshore shrimping boats.

The boat I was painting belongs to a very nice man by the name of Buckie. The cabin cruiser boat behind showed up while I was painting...ugh

Although it was a beautiful day with wonderful painting weather, we didn't pick a great day to paint there because before we were finished the grass cutting crew showed up which is not good for paint, paintings and allergies, so we packed up and headed home.

Here is my unfinished be completed another day.


  1. Love your story. Fabulous day except for the grounds crew. Looking forward to the finish of this piece.

  2. Hi Marie - I really enjoyed this post. I admire you both for getting out and painting plein air. You really accomplished a lot. Looks great and should be easy to finish. I loved the doggies - adds such a lovely touch