Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Pumpkin

I headed out with Lucy in tow to search a for boats in Delcambre, Louisiana.  It's difficult to find a good angle to paint where you are not trespassing or in a major traffic spot.  I rode around and stopped to ask permission at the "No Trespassing" wholesale Shrimp processing plant.

There were a variety of boats docked across the canal.  Right across the way was a boat called "The Pumpkin".

"The Pumpkin"
14 x 11 - oils on canvas

It was hard to find a shady spot to paint, so I setup my umbrella, but I was standing in the rocks and the ground was very hard, I tied it onto my tripod and kept Lucy close so we could share the shade.

Lucy hanging out in the shade.
Thank you very much to the nice couple who purchased this painting for their Florida home!
Happy Painting!

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