Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Miss Kimberly II, ICY, LA

A couple of weeks ago I headed out with my painting buddy, Denise, to find and paint shrimp boats in Intracoastal City, Louisiana.  This is the 3rd year we invade upon the little canal to sneak in sessions of painting boats.

Located in Intracoastal City are these massive offshore shrimp boat giants docked up and down the canal near a shrimp and ice plant.  Usually when we paint in this area 6 or 7 boats are docked here.  I was elated and amazed when I rounded the curve and found about 30 boats parked in the area.  These boats were all crowed in together, two abreast all up and down the canal.

It is between shrimp season, so the boats are docked for a few weeks while the owners and crews make repairs, paint, and get ready for the upcoming season.

While we sat there painting we watched an awesome boat maneuver.  One of the inside boats wanted to get out, and the boat on the outside needed to be moved.  Evidently, the outside boat engine was having some sort of problem and the canal was shallow on that end, so a tug boat was called.  The tug pulled this huge boat out sideways and backed up with it down this canal between all these other boats....AMAZING to see.  Glad I wasn't painting the boats they moved...he he.

Below is my completed painting.  Green boats were a huge challenge in the landscape for me.

Miss Kimberly II
12 x 12 - oils on gallery wrapped canvas
*This painting is for sale and can be purchased through my website...www.mariarandolph.com

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