Thursday, August 27, 2015

Bowl of Oranges

I setup this still life in my studio and didn't finish it up until a few months ago.  I don't setup and paint a lot of still life paintings but I enjoy them when I do.  I love painting fruit!  I don't know what it is about fruit...maybe because of the uneven shapes and variance in the color and textures.  I chose this little bowl because it has some warm earthy colors in it and I have placed it in some of my other paintings in the past.  The bird statue also throws a little twist in there that I like.

I took a workshop at the Lafayette Art Association from Qiang Huang about a year ago and setup my still life using some of the techniques I learned in that workshop.  If you have a opportunity to take from him, don't miss the chance.  He is an excellent teacher and explains in detail about composition, lighting and color mixing.

"Bowl of Oranges"
11 x 14 - oils

This painting is for sale and can be purchased through my website:

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