Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tug on the Vermilion News

I'm very excited and honored my painting "Tugboat on the Vermilion River" has been purchased and will be featured on this year's Bayou Vermilion Preservation Symposium poster.

"Tugboat on the Vermilion"

The mission of the Bayou Vermilion Preservation Association, as stated on their website, creates awareness of our natural environment by providing education and outreach to the general community about ways to conserve, protect and enjoy the Bayou Vermilion Watershed."   (A watershed is an area of land that drains into a lake or river.)

They work in conjunction with other local organizations to promote beautification of our Vermilion River that runs through our area.

This year's symposium, September 10-12, 2015, will be promotion of the Vermilion River as a usable waterway for commerce and for people to enjoy nature as a whole. More information is available on their website: www.bayouvermilionpreservation.org

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