Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Palmetto Island Adventure

Well today was an adventure for me.  I decided needed  to get outdoors and plein air paint today.  I don't especially care to go alone, but couldn't find anyone who was available to paint, so off I went.  I drove through Abbeville, LA on my way to Jefferson Island (Rip Van Winkle Gardens) and stopped in at the Vermilion Arts Counsel to look around.  I visited with two wonderful people there who recommended The Palmetto Island State Park as a place I might light to paint...well, I thought, yes but maybe some other day.

 Okay, so I was on a mission, headed to Jefferson Island to paint, right.  I chose Jefferson Island because there was an area I noticed in full bloom last time I was there that I wanted to capture.

As I got closer, this little lady peacock was hiding in that tree.  I was afraid to scare her off if I got too close and I couldn't go trampling through the beautiful flowers, so this is the best I could do. She was so beautiful but independent.  Turn around!  Look over here!  Oh well...

I guess my artistic intuition/feelings surfaced.  I took a few pictures and decided not to paint there today.  I will return some other day.  Hmmm...

I left Jefferson Island, headed for home.  When I passed through Abbeville, I don't know what happened, I turned left instead of right and headed for Palmetto Island.   I was very impressed when I arrived there ... cabins, campgrounds, nature trails, canoe trails, ponds, lagoons and the Vermilion River. I decided to check out the WHOLE place before settling in somewhere to paint.  I don't think I missed very much.

Finally, I stopped at this wonderful little creek and painted this picture I named "Hidden Creek".  It was so peaceful here, I wished I could have stayed longer.  While painting, I remembered to keep watch for alligators just in case (see post of Monday, March 26, 2012) .

"Hidden Creek"
(6 x 6 - oils on canvas panel)

On my way out of the park, I decided to ride by the nature trail to check out the irises in bloom.

Well I'm back home safe and sound but I really enjoyed my adventure today, found a great place to paint and enjoy nature.  More adventures to follow...


  1. Thanks for taking us along with you on your adventure. I would have much rather spent the day with you than trudging through my day here at the house. What an inviting scene, you have captured the lushness and serenity of Hidden Creek beautifully.

  2. How lovely, Maria. Thank you indeed for sharing all the lovely photos and your painting!