Saturday, March 10, 2012

Plein Air Painting in the Park

I met a friend, Denise Broussard, last week to plein air paint in the park. I haven't visited that park in a few years so it was interesting to me to see how it has changed and also the things that remain constant there. Of course, I had to bring bread for the ducks...
It was windy that day and as I walked away to play with the ducks (can you tell I was a little distracted), my easel blew over (my fault I didn't have it weighed down). That says a lot for my new Open Box M setup...nothing harmed. I have the option with this new setup to weigh down the tripod and/or open the legs of the tripod so wide it couldn't blow over (unless I were in a hurricane...LOL). Lesson learned!
Needless to say after that I weighed down my easel, paid attention and focused.
It was a fun painting day for me...

"Girouard Park"
(6 x 6 -oils on canvas board)

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