Friday, May 25, 2012

My Garden Treasures #6

I'm continuing to paint in my garden although the temperatures in South Louisiana are continuing to climb so I am not sure how much longer I will continue to paint outdoors.

Note:  I'm continuing to play with color here.  I usually grab for my cerulean and/or ultramarine blue, but concentrated more on prussian blue in these paintings.

"Happy Watering"
6 x 6 - oil on canvas panel

Here is this old iron pot I spoke of in an earlier blog post.  I've painted it in again but showing its little fee again.  This pot sits in my backyard near the post and right in front of my screened in porch.
"Spring Bed"
6 x 6 - oil on canvas panel

"Mama Cat Waiting"
6 x 6 - oil on canvas panel

This old shed, my husband converted into a house for my cats.  It has a door missing, but my kitties don't seem to mind; its shelter from the cold and rain.  I've painted Mama Cat sitting in the lower left side.  I think she would be really surprised to see her doors to her house closed.
"Dinner Is Served"
4 x 6 - oil on canvas panel

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