Monday, October 29, 2012

Downtown Painters

It was such a beautiful cool day to paint in Southern Louisiana today.  I headed out early this morning with a friend, Denise Broussard, to do some plein air painting in downtown Lafayette.  While painting we were interviewed by Walter Pierce of the Independent Magazine.

"What a wonderful anachronism: a pair of artists capturing a cityscape in downtown Lafayette on a gorgeous afternoon.

Friends and fellow painters Maria Randolph and Denise Broussard, members of the venerable Lafayette Art Association, set up their easels and carefully applied oil to canvas Monday afternoon as they painted a stretch of the 500 block of Jefferson Street just down from the IND Monthly office."


  1. Such a fun day and being granted Local Celebrity status is a nice bonus!

  2. Maria - I am wondering if all is OK seeing you have not posted anything this month.

    1. LOL --- Thanks for thinking of me, Julie. I have been busy and neglecting my posting in the last few weeks, but I expect to be posting and explaining where I have been. I've never stopped painting but I'm trying to get myself back on track with my blogging.