Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Kitty Vase

This little vase is one I like a lot.  I love the greens and since I am partial to cats, need I say more...
I found flowers I had in my stash and made this small composition to paint.  I painted it a couple of times.  It's always interesting to me how the same thing can be so different...

"Cat Vase #1"
8 x 8 - oils on panel
"Cat Vase #2"
11 x 14 - oils on canvas panel

I added a few more leaves in this one.  The photograph quality in this one is not that great, looks kind of fuzzy at the bottom right.


  1. Beautiful colors and flowers and I love the berries - nice addition to both paintings

  2. It always strikes me how, when I paint something more than once,you tend to zoom-in closer on the second rendition as you did here. Both of your compositions are intriguing, yet the second one is really, really lovely.