Friday, October 5, 2012

Tea Time

I've been sick this week...quarantined.  I have this wonderful cold and don't want to share...boooo!

Even though I don't feel very well I've managed to get in an hour here and there of painting.  This is something I did yesterday.  It reminds me of want I want when I am sick, a good cup of hot lemon tea.  It seems to not only feel good on my sore throat going down but it makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over.

Hope you guys all had a great week, Happy Friday!

"Tea Time"
(8 x 8 - original oil painting on panel)


  1. Ciao, bella la composizione e la luce! Gli oggetti sembrano proprio in attesa di qualcuno...
    Ciao, ciao, Floriana

  2. So sorry to hear you have not been feeling well, Marie.
    I do love the emotional quality of this painting. Is it done too ;late to enter it into the DPW Emotional Challenge?
    Cuppa tea sure brings up emotions for me.