Monday, April 28, 2014

Street Scene from the square in Abbeville.

I met "Happy Medium" friends, Denise Broussard and Andrea Schellman, to paint a street scene in Abbeville on Wednesday, April 23.  For me this was a challenging day, because I was attempting something different with a street scene.  The perspectives were tough and I don't like to see a lot of street in my paintings.  My friend, Denise, describes the feeling that you are being pulled through a knot hole.  Well,  I felt like it swallowed me up!

Adding to my challenge, the park was super busy it is their time of the year) and I was wearing a white shirt. Did you know caterpillars are attracted to white...lucky me.
so our puppies were very barky, begging for attention from everyone.  Then, the yucky part,  I was standing under trees filled with caterpillars (

Beginning of the day, hard at work.

During the day when the tree caterpillars were
 in full attack.  Look at my
My painting was not very successful and I wiped off more than I painted, but I learned a lot from my efforts.  I'm not sure if I will paint on it or over it yet.

I enjoyed visiting with some really nice people while painting.  Cheryl Jeanfreau from the Vermilion Art Counsel stopped by to say hello.  I also spoke to a very nice local artist (whom I hope decides to paint with us) and her friend visiting from France and a very nice gentleman who knew a lot about the buildings we were painting.

Lucy has been having fun stealing stuff out of my bag while I try to work at home.  She ate my view finder and some important notes, brochures and cards.  So, if you've talked to me and I don't mention your name on my blog, its not because I didn't mean dog ate my homework.

Until next time...Happy Painting Y'all!

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  1. Those caterpillars really ruined your mojo that day :( yet you ended up with a great "study" and we both learned a lot. When are we heading back out??