Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Glen Dale - Lugger

This old lugger boat was sitting in Lake Arthur just waiting for someone to notice it.  It looked to me like it was once sunk and its owner is trying to refurbish it.  This antique boat was probably built in the early 1900's.  I climbed over a fence and took my chances to snap a few quick pics of this boat.

Here is a little tidbit of history I found on these boats:
"Early French settlers designed small boats that would easily navigate the waters between ships and in Louisiana's swamps.  These boats were called French canots; they had a rounded bottom and a small fin that allowed them to go in shallow water.  They became popular fishing boats and then oyster boats.  These canots eventually became known everywhere as New Orleans Oyster Luggers."

"The Glen Dale"
12 x 12 - oils on gallery wrapped canvas

My husband loves boats and wants to learn how to paint, so while I was painting this boat, he worked on one of his own.  His is not finished yet, but I have to say it is looking good.  Maybe he will let me post it when he is done...

Happy Painting!

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