Friday, June 13, 2014

Volkswagen Beetle

How many of you remember the look of the vintage Volkswagen Beetle car or "Herbie the Love Bug" movie?  This year the Volkswagen Beetle celebrates 65 years since it first arrived in the United States. It was designed in the 1930's and is the longest-running and most-manufactured car of a single design platform, worldwide.

About a 10 minute drive from my house is a Volkswagen repair shop with several vintage cars stored out front.  I've been meaning to stop in and take a few pictures of some of the vehicles. My grandson, Clayton was with me the day I stopped in to snap a few shots.  After I took the pictures and while on our way back home he asked "Nana, why were we taking pictures in that old junky place?"  Guess beauty is in the eye of the

Here are a couple of paintings I did on the Volkswagen Beetle...

"The Beetle-1"
6 x 6 - oils on canvas panel

"The Beetle-2"
6 x 6 - oils on gallery wrapped canvas

Stay tuned -- more "junky cars" to follow...
Happy Painting!

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