Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Watching Lake Arthur Activity

While visiting Lake Arthur, we turned down a street called Pleasant Street and a very pleasant street it was.  The houses were across the street from the lake and most of them had some sort of structure like this one where you walk across the street and out onto a wharf/boat house.  This little round structure really caught my eye because of the colorful bricks in the front, the large cypress tree and the wharf that led into this sweet building full of windows.  I could just picture its owners gathering there at dusk to take in the beautiful sunsets on the lake.

"Watching Lake Arthur Activity"
11 x 14 - oils on canvas 

Lake Arthur Tidbit:
The Lake Arthur community is nestled on the shore of the largest body of water in south Louisiana. The lake, one mile wide and nine miles long, bears the same name as the town, and is fed by the Mermentau River leading to the Intracoastal Canal.

More to come...stay tuned...
Happy Painting!

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