Sunday, July 6, 2014

Volkswagen Beetle Parked in the Flowers

This old Volkswagen Beetle is the same car I painted the rear of earlier.  It was actually sitting on a trailer when I took the picture.  When I passed by the yard a couple of days ago it was gone.  I wonder where to...

The trailer was not very attractive so I edited it out and opted to put the car in a field of yellow flowers instead.  I choose to imagine she is resting in a field of flowers.

"Volkswagen Beetle in a Field of Yellow"
8 x 8 oils on gallery wrapped canvas

I've been painting indoors in my studio lately and my heart is longing to paint outdoors.  I love to be in be outdoors painting but the temperatures have been in the lower 90's and with our high humidity, it feels even hotter than it is.  Guess it will be a long hot humid summer in South Louisiana.

I added pinks in the sky to help break up the blue and add contrast since the car was blue and I like it much better than a blue sky.  I used a mix with prussian blue for the car color.

Happy Painting!

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