Friday, April 10, 2015

Sans Souci Gallery Painting in Downtown Lafayette

I met a friend for a quick painting session in Downtown Lafayette.  We met at the Sans Souci park and decided to paint from within the park.  I decided on a view of the corner with the little Sans Souci Gallery artsy sign hanging out front.  I love what the gallery has done to the old building.

Sans Souci Gallery
12 x 12 - oils on gallery wrapped canvas
*This painting is for sale and can be purchased from my website

As always when painting outdoors there are many challenges to be had.  The greatest one I experienced today is that there was a parking spot in the driveway of the gallery that several people wanted which would have totally obstructed my view of the scene.  I asked them to please not park there and they ALL graciously moved.  Thank you to all of those people..:)

Years ago, this building was once was an old bookstore called "Sans Souci Bookstore".  It was painted white, and in really bad shape.  My Dad was into photography back in the day and he snapped a picture of an old man sitting on the steps of the bookstore.

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