Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Art Catalog

I have to stay organized with my paintings so I created an Art Catalog which is a necessary and comforting thing to me.  My Art Catalog is hand written and kept in a binder.  I think this works well for me because I am able to carry the binder with me.  I have plans to upgrade my system in the near future by placing it on computer in an Excel Spreadsheet with a printed copy for my binder.

Here is my process:
1.  Index -  I created an index list of numbers and as I complete each piece it gets the next number in sequence.  This index list has 3 columns (number, category and title of painting).
2.  Category Notes - Every piece is subdivided into a category (floral, landscape, abstract, etc.). Under each category page I list the information and notes about the painting I want to remember (index number, title of the painting, size, medium, date completed, price listed, photo on the web, etc).
3.  Back - The back of every canvas panel and masonite board is painted a dark color.
    a.  Red dot - A red dot sticker is placed in the upper left corner with the category letter and catalog number  (ex: L-1004)  This piece is number 1004 and is a landscape.
     b.  Label - Each label contains the title of the painting, size, medium, date completed and my name.
     c.  The back of stretched canvas pieces are not painted, but they receive a red dot and a label.
4.  When a piece goes to a gallery, I indicate in red on the category notes page.
5.  When a piece is sold, I indicate in red on the category notes page that it is sold and to whom.

For me setup, organization and documenting my Art Catalog was time consuming but I keep it up every day and it is no longer invasive.

If any of you have any suggestions and/or tips you would like to share, I would love to hear from you.


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  1. This is a great idea. Now I need to get busy and get organized!!