Sunday, April 15, 2012

Palmetto Island Adventure #3

Okay, so I went back to Palmetto Island State Park to the same little spot to paint again.  Besides the wonderful relaxing sound of the water flowing through the little weir, I think its a great study for me to paint the same thing multiple times.  It's so interesting to me how the same subject changes every time I paint it.  There were no human visitors in canoes this time, but I did encounter a couple of visitors.

When I arrived on location a small snake was sleeping among the rocks with this huge bulge in his side.  He had evidently just eaten and was not interested in me, thank God.  After his food digested, he took a nap then slipped off into the water when I was not looking, oops...

My second visitor was a very curious little alligator, about 4 feet long, who would swim up to about 20 feet away from me lurking and watching.  When I would get up and walk to the edge he would submerge and try to hide.  Then he would swim down further away and come back again later to watch.

I used slightly different colors this time by using more of an Ultramarine blue + Alizarin Crimson (on the blue side) mixed into my background.  I think this gave me a slightly deeper depth of field.   I also used more transparent colors this time, leaving out the sienna and umber.  I'm very happy with the vibrancy of the browns.

"Hidden Creek #3"
(8 x 8 - oils on canvas panel)

I've also included the previous two paintings I did of this spot if anyone wants to see the comparison.

 Hidden Creek #1
Hidden Creek #2

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  1. I have one word, WOW. I love the new color palette, it is so vibrant and lush. Thanks for posting the pictures for comparison, you can really see two different "looks". BRAVO!!
    P.S. Glad that snake wasn't interested in you.