Monday, April 9, 2012

Palmetto Island Adventures

Friday, my husband and I headed for Palmetto Island State Park to enjoy the outdoors with plans for me to paint and my husband to fish, relax and read.  We nestled in at this sweet little cut which is located at the end of a canoe trail with a weir.  I loved sitting there because the waterfall in the weir was so tranquil.  The day we were there must have been a very good one for the canoe rentals because we encountered several people who paddled down the trail and were turning around at the weir.  They were all very excited to tell anyone who would listen stories about the alligators, snakes and birds they were spotting on their adventure.

"Hidden Creek #2"
(8 x 8 - oils on canvas panel)

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  1. I see you are managing to get out there and get some painting in before it gets too hot. This scene looks so cool and tranquil, who would guess there are alligators there! Your color palette is really beautiful.