Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Quirky Birds

I often draw at night, but lately I've been drawing these quirky little birds and decided to paint a couple to see how they would turn out.  These are painted in acrylics on canvas panel.  My photography is not great, so please forgive the photography.  Let me know what you think....

(4 x 6 - acrylics on canvas board)

(4 x 6 - acrylics on canvas board)

I purchased 4 x 6 canvas panels from Dick Blick and I find them really rough.  The canvas tooth is rather large.  I've added 2 coats of gesso and sanded between applications.  This seems to help.  I think next time I will probably pick a panel with a smaller canvas tooth.
With acrylics I usually like to use a synthetic brush with a firm snap.  I found one I like accidentally.  I  was in Michael's one day and looking at their brush selection.  I picked up an Artist Loft brush to feel the snap and there it was.  I took it home and tried it out and it worked out very well for me.


  1. These are so much fun. It is nice to loosen up isn't it? We need to try photographing some of your paintings in my new "cube."

  2. Hi Maria,
    I love both of these but Armond seems to make me smile more.
    Love your sky in both of them