Monday, April 23, 2012

My Garden Treasures #1

I haven't been very diligent in my blogging lately because I have been concentrating on painting.  It's so beautiful outside, I just can't stay inside.  I've been spending my days painting the things that are special to me in my flower gardens.  I have created a series I call "My Garden Treasures".

I am painting some areas/subjects more than once, but I try to paint them a little different every time so each one is always new and original, like the Urn paintings I posted previously.  The three paintings below are all painted in the same spot, some things were left out and others added in to create different little scenes.

I have this huge crepe myrtle tree that is in my favorite bed adjacent to my patio.  There are a few treasures in this bed I have painted and will be posting.  Next to the crepe myrtle is a very huge rosemary bush, that is seriously out of control.  I usually crop it every year but haven't yet this year, I've been concentrating on painting it.  My cats love to hide and hang out in this bed and one of their hiding spots is under this rosemary bush.

"Look Out Little Bird"
(8 x 10 - original oil painting on canvas panel)

This little bird was not showing up enough because he is almost the same color as the ground so I used a wash of naples yellow around him to create more of a contrast.  I've used more transparent oxide red, yellow and brown in these paintings than I usually do and I am very pleased with the results.  After my paintings dry enough I give them a coat of liquin and it brings out the vibrancy of color even more.

"Red Gerber Daisies"

(8 x 10 -  original oil painting on canvas panel)

"St. Francis"
(6 x 6 - original oil painting on canvas panel)

This is one of the little statues I inherited from my Mother's flower garden.

More to follow....

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  1. These are all lovely garden vignettes. I think it is great that you continue to experiment with your color palette. Have you considered adding even more dramatic values to change things up? I am thinking along the lines of DPW painter Edward B Gordon. He does really,really dark trees and bright sunshine.
    I really love your Garden Treasure theme, I hope to see many more!