Friday, January 4, 2013

Little Iron Duck

This is Day 3 of the 30 day Challenge initiated by artist, Leslie Saeta.

This Little Iron Duck is one of a pair that I inherited from my Father.  This piece lives in my bookcase where he works hard at holding up books.   Years ago, I displayed the pair together on the coffee table but one of the them is not quite balanced right.  When anyone accidentally bumped the table the duck would tip over, do a nose dive and kerplunk, another dent in the coffee table.  My husband hated them because they were always falling, but looking at them makes me laugh.

"Little Iron Duck"
6 x 6 - oil on canvas panel

Artist Note:

I started out toning my canvas with black which gave me a darker undertone in this piece.  I used the same 2 books in my setup with the exception that I placed the black book on on top.  This caused a problem and I felt the dark color was too dominating so I changed the color by adding a light blue alternating with a reddish purple.


  1. I like the shadows on the wall to. Lots of movement in this one, Marie.

  2. Thanks Julie. I had trouble with my choices of color for this painting, but I finally got the right mix I think.

  3. Hi Maria - thanks for the visit to my blog. This little iron duck looks just that, made of iron! I love it and the shadows it created! You are getting some good mileage out of those books, too! Nice work!